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  • Fresh Fruit & Vegetables, Our main Vegetables are grown on Farms less than 10 Miles away and are picked fresh from the field. they are seasonal and we add products from month to month. Where we cant source locally within York we purchase from farms that can provide us with the same quality and freshness, even if it may be from Lancashire or Lincolnshire we select the best quality products ans sell them at the best value for money to the customer. When a fruit or vegetable aren't available locally we use Europe products that are grade A and the best quality available. Throughout our products we provide quality but mainly affordability and we feel that you shouldn't have to pay more to get the best fruit and vegetables and we are always comparing our prices to supermarkets rather than other farm shops so we are very competitive in our field of food retailers.
             The fruit that obviously is grown abroad and the more unusual products such as sweet potatoes, bananas and oranges etc, we purchase wholesale from a reputably supplier established over 50 years we again always purchase the best and the freshness variety's.
  • Currently on sale now! below :
        Savoy cabbages, Primo cabbage, Carrots (mucky), Cauliflower, Broccoli, Parsnips, Brussels Sprouts, Red Cabbage, Butternut squash Sweet Potatoes, washed Maris piers, Peppers,Onions, red onions, Shallots, Pickling onions, mushrooms, large Vine tomatoes, small cherry vine tomatoes, spring onions, cucumbers, iceberg, little gems, Grapes seedless red & green, Bananas, oranges, clementines  lemons, apples:- Ruben gala, pink lady's,gala.conference pears, fresh ginger , garlic bulbs there are more products to add towards Christmas, please keep checking for updates.........



  • Bags of potatoes £6.00 a 25kg Bags these are from a few fields away!, we sell many variety's: these are marked 1 - 9 on the potato council scale,
          Floury 1--------  through to ------------- Waxy 9
         Wiljas -
Excellent for Mash, good for chips, boiling and roasting rating Number

            Cara   -   
Soft Moist & waxy Excellent for Jacket Potatoes rating Number
-  pink skins Excellent for Roasting and chips but can also be used for mash and Boiling rating Number 5